Typo in the Dutch language file

There is a typo in the Dutch ip_lang.php file.
The cldr variable is set to EN, which then misrepresents the “Country Name” when the language is set to Dutch.

'cldr' => 'en',

It should be:

'cldr' => 'nl',

Also i believe this to be a misrepresentation...
'state' => 'Staat',

Should be:

'state' => 'Provincie',

I tried to access the Github repo and fix these (and improve some other) Dutch translations but I can’t seem to find the dutch language file you refer to. I can find the English ip_lang file though. (Github link: https://github.com/InvoicePlane/InvoicePlane/tree/5169ec0af857fd3ad6d30515dad77a84a78d6fc3/application/language)

@Kovah Can you please tell me where I’ll be able to find the ip_lang files for other countries.

Translations are all handled by translations.invoiceplane.com

Thanks, I have suggested a (in my opinion) correct translation for this with some background information about this matter. I’ve also added some missing translations for planned features.

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