Tracking of read invoice

It would be great if you add the feature tracking the invoice when the customer has read.

Inspired by

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I think this is kind of a feature that could be developed as a plugin for InvoicePlane 2.

Have you considered using something like Mandrill App or Mailgun to try to track email opens. You would have to send emails through them. Now this isn’t always the best, but could give you a clue to email openings.

Below is an example of report from Mandrill App.

I’m already use it with Mandrill SMTP, but have it integrated can be really useful.

The main problem I have is when I send an email invoice, I am not sure if it reaches. When I use mailgun I can see exactly what has happened. So an integration to Mailgun or any other system that let me see what happens to my email would be really great.

At the moment, I simply email back a client from my own email account to see if they have received the invoice a few weeks later.

I am using Fusion invoice at the moment, looking forward to the new version from invoice plane!

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