Would it be possible to achieve the sample Invoice?

Hello good people.
1st, I am grateful to come across a beautiful platform like this at a time I needed to save my ass at work to prove my worth as a junior programmer.

I was given a customized Invoice to design in PHP and felt no point re-inventing the will, i searched over the Internet and i came across Invoice Plane…

What a beautiful Opensource development platform.
Now on the sample Invoice I am trying to achieve, I am having small issues that I am sure good people here can help me with.

I hope to design the attached Invoice but the issue I am having is in the display of the Items and the way the prices are formatted.

I will appreciate any advice on how to achieve that.

I already know how to maximize the advantage of the custom fields.

My problem is how do i arrange the Items and description to come out the way I have it in the screenshot?
I will appreciate a pointer on how to get around it.

So … try to make a screenshot of what you need to do.
Make sure you don’t show your employer’s information or your client’s information.

Then… on that screenshot, point to what you run in to.
Then try to show what you already tried and why it’s not working

Thanks Underdog

I have edited the post.

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Hello People,

I am still looking forward to any one who can help me achieve the invoice format in this post.
I will be forever grateful for any pointer.