SMTP connect() failed

So I had moved to a new server, but noticed that I couldn’t send emails anymore.
I use SMTP, but I always got this error message.

SMTP connect() failed.

Finally found out that in my DirectAdmin “ConfigServer Security & Firewall” one difference with the old server.

SMTP Settings
SMTP_Block was ON

Once I put this on OFF, I could send invoices on the new server.

But I see you can put here something

SMTP_ALLOWGROUP = mail,mailman

Do I need to put here something to let it work, so SMTP_Block can be back ON

Hi, this seems to be more of a hosting provider problem, they might be able to help you out on this. To my eyes it seems that you could allow the user by which your php runs to serve the clients to send mail (don’t know though if this would make your server safer)…

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