Invoice date changes after saving

Dear Guys

I wanted to change the status of the invoice from Draft to Sent (Manually). After I saved it, the invoice date (creation date) and due date changed.

before the adjustment the date was correct. I can no longer adjust it via the WebGUI, only in the database it is possible.
is this an known issue?

nobody any idea?

Hi, (as far as i know) this is not a known issue, for instance I just tried to reproduce the error and could not. Does this happen with all invoices?

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thank you for your answer

yes with all invoices… here a short movie

Sorry, but I can’t reproduce the error. On what version of InvoicePlane are you?

i think i have the latest: 1.5.11

Since I can’t reproduce it, you (@Dashmir_Kasa) kindly need to help me out further to understand what is going wrong. Can you please share a screenshot of the network tab of your browser development tool (i) before the dates are changed, (ii) after the dates are changed and (iii) after the save button is clicked and the loading has ended?

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