(sucess) CronJob Script not working (error 404) - File not found

Hello everyone,

I have uploaded the latest version of the program to my web server. When I go to the CronJob URL I get a 404 error and can’t find any real solution.

Here is my URL, but it doesn’t work in the browser itself.

URL: https://billing.mydomain.tld/invoice/invoices/cron/recur/40iEjXNfWEUvRrfeG

I replaced mydomain.tld with my domain. The key is an example.

Nothing under the path exists on the server itself, I suspect the path is meant to be rewritten by mod rewrite. I have not edited the htacess file, it is uploaded to the web server with chmod 666

ok i got it. For everyone who has the same problem:

The .htacess file must be enabled and the index.php in the ipconfig.php file must be set to true