Problem Paypal Pro

Hello everyone I updated my version of Invoceplane from 1.5.9it2 to 1.5.10it2 but I’m having a problem with paypal pro when I try to pay online I get the following error

An uncaught Exception was encountered

Type: Omnipay\Common\Exception\InvalidRequestException

Message: The card parameter is required

Filename: /home/mbojgdnm/public_html/subdomain/amministrazione/vendor/omnipay/common/src/Omnipay/Common/Message/AbstractRequest.php

Line Number: 201


File: /home/mbojgdnm/public_html/subdomain/amministrazione/vendor/omnipay/paypal/src/Message/ProAuthorizeRequest.php
Line: 12
Function: validate

File: /home/mbojgdnm/public_html/subdomain/amministrazione/vendor/omnipay/paypal/src/Message/ProPurchaseRequest.php
Line: 12
Function: getData

File: /home/mbojgdnm/public_html/subdomain/amministrazione/vendor/omnipay/common/src/Omnipay/Common/Message/AbstractRequest.php
Line: 610
Function: getData

File: /home/mbojgdnm/public_html/subdomain/amministrazione/application/modules/guest/controllers/Payment_handler.php
Line: 98
Function: send

File: /home/mbojgdnm/public_html/subdomain/amministrazione/index.php
Line: 325
Function: require_once

has happened to someone and how can I solve it

thank you

I solved part of the problem now I have the problem that in the information on the payment page I no longer display the invoice data only 'amount how can I pass the other details
thank you