Where are the pdf with Quotes (budgets) in the backup?

First of all, apologies for possible errors in this writing. My native language is not English

This is my first post in the Community. I’ve searched the Wiki and FAQ for information but I can’t find it. If someone can help me, I will be very grateful.

I have a backup with the folders and files from an old installation of InvoicePlane

I have tried to install the software on a hosting (1&1) but I can not get it to work.

[ I’ve been following steps explained here (Installation - InvoicePlane Wiki) and here (Update InvoicePlane - InvoicePlane Wiki) ]

I assume that files were created with a version older (1.5.9) than the current one (1.5.11 is the one I am trying to install)

I have been asked ONLY to recover copy of Quotes pdf (budgets) and Invoices (made up to a few months ago)

Taking a look (with Filezilla) on the “bad installation” of the software & backup, I have found a pdf copy of the Invoices in this directory:


but I can not find the pdfs with Quotes

Is there a copy of them in the backup? If so, in which folder?

Thank you very much in advance.



Unfortunately the quotes aren’t saved like the invoices as PDF files in an archive folder. All you can do is to re-setup the webapp where you can just re-create the quotes and save the PDFs that are needed.