Slighty more responsive basic quote/invoice template

Just when i noticed the online templates for invoicing/quotes are not responsive as well as the text is a bit too tiny. I decided to start working on some of my own iteration based on the default template.

To be honest I don’t like bootstrap too much therefor I have included one which i prefer because of it’s tiny size and ease of use. The template ( for now i just started with the quote ) is mostly responsive ( excluding the table at a certain display width ) and a slight reposition of the available buttons.

I am not competely finished yet ( as for invoices too ) but i shall publish code as soon as possible, if anyone is interested.


Smaller Display Sizes

Overflow on Table when tiny width


This looks very nice :smile:

Is the top graphic also adjustable? I am looking for a layout where I can have a 100% header image (within certain size limits to make it more or less responsive) or at least on the pdf file.


The logo? It’s just the uploaded Logo for invoice/quote, if you were to use a full width image at the top it could be done.

looks gr8,
please upload this template if you finished.
as all other templates are of invoice, i need a quote invoice like yours badly.
nice work

Good day, can you share the template? thank you! Cheers!

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