Couple questions before I install: Credits and Time tracking

Could the support team answer a couple questions for me as I decide if InvoicePlane is the right software for me?

  1. Does the software handle client credits? From time to time, clients will send me cheques to keep on file for them to pay invoices from. I enter these amounts as credits on their accounts and pay the invoices from the credits on file. If a client sends more than their invoice is worth, the overpayment will also make a credit entry and be kept on file toward a future invoice payment. Can InvoicePlane do this?

  2. Task or item pick lists. Can I create lists of tasks and items and choose them from a list when creating an invoice?

  3. Old threads talk about time tracking being added at some point, but the description of the software doesn’t include it. The most recent discussion was back in 2020. Has a time tracking module been created for InvoicePlane? I pick from my task list when using the time tracker in my current invoicing software (that’s begun getting buggy lately, looking to replace it) to bill out each task according to the time spent on that task for my clients. While I have an account over at Toggl, it is double-entry to note my task efforts there, track my time there, then copy and paste it back into my invoice. I’d rather do it all in one piece of software.

  4. Reporting. I haven’t seen a reporting list anywhere that says InvoicePlane can report on taxes, or report on profit/expenses. Do these reports exist in InvoicePlane?