Cron Job error on cron-job


I can’t get the cron job to work, I use cron-job . org but are geting an error when i test it.

And the is set up like this:

URL: >/dev/null 2>&1

Then i just get this error: 400 Bad Request

InvoicePlane Version 1.5.11

How did you set up the cronjob exactly? Did you replace CRON-KEY with your actual CronKey?

Hi have set it up like this:

The red box on the picture is my cron-key.

Please call the URL (without the >/dev/null 2>&1 part) itself in a browser and see whet happens.

Then do i get: Page not found

The folders : invoices/cron/recur/ are also not pressent at the server.


Thanks for all the quick response @M4rt1n it’s very nice with help to this problem :grinning:

This folder does not exist for all. It is a virtual folder/URL. If your setup is configurated correct it will work. I see you are on a Windows machine which is not the recommended machine/OS. Please try it on a linux or try to provide us with more infos about what exactly you are running this on?

  • OS?
  • WebServer?
    etc …

It’s on a Linux server

Apache webserver 2.4.51
PHP-version 7.4

InvoicePlane is installed with Softaculous app installer inside cPanel.
Is there a way i can check if it’s not installed correct?

Please dont do this. There is an official way in the DOCS and an official download site. Please follow them and reinstall it manually and report back if it works.


I have now installed it from new the official way.
Now is the url: >/dev/null 2>&1

But unfortunately it does not work either.

Error: 400 Bad Request

Have you, like I said here:

Tried to call this URL from your browser and see what happens?

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Yes then i still get: Page not found

I can provide you login information to; server,cron-job,invoiceplane if you wan’t to have a look.

Thanks for the help @M4rt1n you are amazing. :grin:

I give you a beer if you come to Denmark. :beer: :beers:

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