No users after install?

I installed InvoicePLanner for the first time and I did not get to add users as a part of the setup. what user should I use? Do we have default users. I already checked my database table and there are no users under ip_users or ip_users_clients. Can someone help me with this, please? It’s asking for an email and password.

Hi, I suppose something went wrong. InvoicePlane does actually ask you to create a user on setup. Could you please try to reinstall it?

I have tried re-installation 5x before this writing. I thought there was a default user that I can use to create my other users and get started that way. is there?

Hi again. During the setup, InvoicePlane gets you to create a user (see screenshot). This will then be the data you should use for your first login. If this didn’t happen, something is not working with your installation. How did you reinstall InvoicePlane? Did you delete everything before reinstalling (files and db)?


I have same error, tried everything intstalled, 4 times. I am creating a user in the user creation window. But there is no user in the database.