Changing field names

Hi all,

Just installed the latest version of Invoice Plane… (v.1.5.11)

I have looked around on the forum but could not find any results on how to change a few of the field names in Invoice Plane such as changing state to province or zip code to postal code.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello. Its in the Language folder. application/language/english/ip_lang.php
line 517

That is for the exact example. You can leave the far left ‘state’ alone and update the =>'State on the right side of the sheet. IF you adjust the ‘state’ on the left, you now have to update lots of code in the software. ONLY update the ‘state’ on the right side.

‘state’ => ‘Province’,

You can do this for any word on that sheet and any word on any of the other languages.

Note: this may note be a best practice but it will get you the result you desire.