Email Composition WYSIWYG

When composing eMails ( with or without the saved Template it’s not formatting everything as you type it. For example when having several breaks or newlines, on the preview and the email everything will be one big pile of text.

Ok I know there’s the formating buttons. But a natural- / word-like way of typing to compose would be great. It’s not an urgent feature so placing that on a list for later iterations just to make invoiceplane a bit more handy to use.

Markdown would be fine too.

No no no no. Never again! :scream:
We had such an editor in a previous version and I thought it was a good idea. But it was a bad one as he mixed up some layouts and several users complained about this.

And no, we can’t use one of the big players like CKeditor because of their license.

Alright, I can work with how it is too.

Maybe could be tested Redactor (do you know it?).

The OEM Lifetime license costs 499$ (and can be used for OpenSource Project).
If its license is “compatible”, maybe can be the definitive solution to create and edit quote/invoice/mail templates inside invoiceplane.

I think people could founding it if think it’s worth.

Take a look:



Text Expander and others could be very useful!!


And who should pay these 500 bucks?

I have been using redactor quite some time and I wasn’t really flattered when I look back to those times. I have had very much trouble having a constant result as the generated html was not the greatest. 499$ is too much to lift for opensource applications. Dumping it after a while was a choice I never regret.

I have done my email templates with the built in editor and haven’t had any problem. A few more clicks were necessary to apply all html tags but being set and forget… …

From my message:
“I think people could founding it if think it’s worth.”

I think the main thing are invoice/quote templates. People that don’t know basic of HTML/PHP are excluded.

Email Templates WYSIWYG
The Styling Buttons are pretty straightforward. Paragraph, Bold, Italic, H1, H2, after refreshing the preview they would notice what each button does anyways.

I mean I opened this thread as a suggestion but it’s not the very urgent thing I’d like to see.
If people don’t know HTML, how they work with their htaccess file to even access setup? I guess having minimal knowledge is just a requirement for selfhosted-opensource things.

invoice/quote templates as a WYSIWYG Editor?
If they don’t know how to do it, they can still use all templates which are provided. They could also hire someone for a few bucks or buy a pre-configured template. I can just relate to website builders… They are indeed very easy to handle, but the results are most likely not very professional.


How about using tiny MCE ( )? It has a free open source (LGPL 2.1) license.


InvoicePlane uses the MIT license so we cant include this editor.

By the way: this topic will be closed. InvoicePlane 2 will get no editor like this because it produces more problems than solving them. Instead emails will use templates like the PDF templates.

As @carstengrimm pointed out: if you have no idea about making these templates just use the standard ones, search for free ones or hire a professional.


Thank you for your reply.
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to step over any toes here, just wanted to suggest another option.

I just started to use invoiceplane recently, and I like it, and I really appreciate all the work you’ve put into it. This was one of the small things that bothered me about it. Not a deal breaker for me - I can live with it.

BTW, is it possible to make this kind of an editor a plugin for invoiceplane? If it is possible, would you object to someone developing it? I might do it if I find the time, and if I find an editor that matches the MIT license.


No problem, thanks for the suggestion.

Well, plugins will not be available in InvoicePlane until the app will be completely rewritten. Implementing a good working plugin system would be too much work yet.

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