How to enable Multi-Currency Support

Hello, I am using InvoicePlane and so far I am really loving it. I have version “1.5.11” installed and couldn’t find how to enable multiple currencies. I went through some discussions of 2017 still couldn’t figure that out.

Hello, I am also using InvoicePlane for quite along. Also faced this problem. But after visiting the best ERP partner in Kolkata. Basically after research so much I get to know this problem. After I updated my version I faced this problem. But after researching so much I am still not able to get rid off of this problem. Because I have also many global clients so I have to use multiple currencies. But still not able. So pls anyone know how to solve pls tell. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community hazhayder! In the setup area of InvoicePlane, multiple currencies can be configured (Setup icon, Currencies). In the System Setup, a default currency can be selected. Then, for each client, you can select a currency when editing them.

I don’t see a currency option while editing the client. However in the system setting I can

So when you are modifying a customer, you don’t see this?

No I don’t see it
though I am on version 1.5.11