Reset the invoice identifier {{{ID}}} tag each month


I have created this Invoice group with this invoice numbering.

Now how, can i make the {{{id}}} reset back to 1 each new month.

In the month november i created 3 invoices.

  • EUR/2021/11/1
  • EUR/2021/11/2
  • EUR/2021/11/3

The next month in december, the ID must start with 1 again automatically. And not with 4, otherwise where are invoice 1, 2, 3 of the month December and that’s illegal in my country.

I don’t know if this is possible already or to create this with a cron job in some way?

Already thank you and keep up the amazing work.
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See Martin’s previous response.

Would really love to see that feature!!

My Invoices are named like this:

R19.03.18|1 (unique ID is “1”)

The next day I want the first Invoice look like this:
R19.03.19|1 (unique ID is “2”)

Maybe this would make sence:
{{{did}}} (daily ID, reset every day)
{{{mid}}} (monthly ID, reset every month)
{{{yid}}} (yearly ID, reset every year)

So I would rename my Invoice names to:

would make sense.
otherwise Invoices have very ugly names over time…

Thats true, I would not change/modify {{{id}}}, but instead of doing this I would create the three ID-helpers I mentioned above.

I’m going to close the topic
I suggest you start working on his solution.