IP keeps logging me out

Hey guys,

I have two IP installed in my hosting which I’v been using for some time. Out of suddenly, about three days ago, both of them started giving me problems. No matter what I do, it logs me out. I’m able to log in but when i click in any itens of the dashboard it takes me to the login page again.

They are all 1.5.11 and I don’t know what to do.

Things I already tried:

  • Clean caches and history;
  • Test in a different browser;
  • Call iPage (Hosting company);
  • Change this line $config[‘sess_match_ip’] = env(‘SESS_MATCH_IP’, false) - on config/config.php

Please, if anyone knows what to do, let me know!


Most likely a cookie problem where 1 instance thinks it’s the other instance.

What if you disable one of the installs?

So check out this thread, it might help