Paypal express pay now button links

Hi. First time user and find a couple of quirks…

When client clicks on guest URL link to pay, they are taken to the first Pay Now button on top right. when client clicks button, they are then taken to another Pay Now button on bottom left. When clicking on this button, client is taken directly to paypal (without having to first enter any credit card info in the form). How do I edit the code and where so that when client clicks on first Pay Now button, it takes them directly to PayPal like the second button does so as to not to confuse them? Or, if it’s easier, how to get rid of the Credit Card details entry box because it does nothing and client will just have to click on Pay Now again?

Also, how to include the guest URL link in the emails sent to client automatically?


Hi banana, welcome.
Can you make a screenshot of the first and second PayPal button?
Make it the full screen, I need to know the url they are looking at (the part after /index.php/)