InvoicePlane PDF Generation failing

Hello all, my InvoicePlane Installs across both domains on the same server have stopped generating PDF’s all of a sudden out of nowhere, no system changes and they both stop the Invoice Plane program running for a couple of minutes when you try to generate an Invoice. Tried using lower and higher PHP than current 7.4.19 can somebody help me please?

An errorlog would be awesome.

Very sure? Even if most say this, they updated something or changed some templates of InvoicePlane.

Thanks for the reply, can you tell me how I generate the error log or link me to a walkthrough? Yeah I did actually totally update my network to a whole new and very more expansive setup so I’ve reconfigured the servers ip addresses and NS, DNS etc. I don’t know if that would make an issue, it does the same thing on a new instance of IP when I set it up though so don’t really see why this would be the issue, happy to chat if you want to send me a pm! thanks :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

Please go to your ipconfig.php in your root directory and set ENABLE_DEBUG=false. Then run the same thing again to reproduce the error. After this you should see errors comming up when something is not working properly. Post them here, or even better:

  1. copy errors
  2. paste to pastebin
  3. post pastebin link here
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Hi thanks again for replying, the issue is actually resolved now no idea what was causing the issue.