Cant select theme with in Invoice plane

Shows no results found, and that includes all the standard themes too. Is there a place one needs to enable theme feature?

Check the ‘themes’ directory in your ‘invoiceplane’ folder on your PC.
Also: in your browser press CTRL+SHIFT+I to see the Javascript console

I have taken a look through the entire folder tree of invoice plane, all the themes are in the assets folder.

under the inspect element console area does not give much info further. However I loaded my previous version DB to this installed 1.5.11. and I see if changes the entire theme to the blue theme.

still nothing in the theme section. tested my invoice themes and they worked how ever not the over all theme.

is there some where in the mysql db this points to that im missing.

That’s the sourcecode of this file:

I don’t know if your solution is in there.
Somehow it’s either not loading the themes or it hasn’t seen your themes when you set up the invoiceplane.

I like the screenshot that you made, however you show the console which is great, but you show html source code? That’s strange to me.

Focus on this piece

<?php foreach ($available_themes as $theme_key => $theme_name) { ?>
                                    <option value="<?php echo $theme_key; ?>" <?php check_select(get_setting('system_theme'), $theme_key); ?>>
                                        <?php echo $theme_name; ?>
                                <?php } ?>

But frankly… it can be anywhere.
It can be in $available_themes, it can be in check_select
I would look in $available_themes first

well was not sure which part you needed to see in console as literally its all that was showed there was the html and not so much anything on java.

i think it is not seeing the themes at all on install… will try some of the above and come back to you on this.

thank you for the assisting let you know soon.