Payment History show only CASH payments

Hi Guys!

I want to display only CASH payments on Payment History PDF. Can you help me out please!

I have this code: <?php _htmlsc($result->payment_method_name=='Cash'); ?>

But then it’s showing all the payments with payment method blank, the cash payments i see number 1.

I just only want to see the Cash payments. Not others. Please help!


I think you’re very close to the solution.
First print_r or var_dump the contents of $result.
Let’s see what’s in there.

Maybe the payment_method is ‘cash’ and not ‘Cash’. Maybe it’s something simple like that

Thnx for you reply what do you meen with print_r or var_dump i am not a programmer…

i tried cash insteed of Cash but then nothing happens and payment method all are blank. So when i put Cash i see number 1 on cash payments.

i think it is a very easy solution for a programmer. but anyway nobody helps. when i find the solution i will post and HELP OTHERS!

The idea here is to create a ledger of “payment history report” because we need LEDGER (kasboek) admin! when ppl pays Cash this needs to be registered in the EU