Mollie curl ssl problem

Message: [curl] 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate [url]

how to fix this ?

version 1.5.11

As InvoicePlane uses Mollie through an API as you see by the link of the Mollies Documentation, we are not responsible for any SSL Certificate Errors.
The better plane to ask for support actually would be the Mollie community.

InvoicePlane also offers Mollie as one of many Payment-Processors, but if you do like to get support for Mollie you better ask at Mollie.

Beside this I would recommend checking the SSL Cert, if its valid. But InvoicePlane can not change your SSL Cert, nor is it responsible for.

After a quick google I foun this as first result:

If thats your issue, then just check for the solution they have provided.

it works! love it! thnks alot

invoiceplane is a nice script, i love it so much!!

i want to learn create templates, got tips for me?

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