Displaying notes for customers in quote and invoice view

Hi Invoice Plane Community,

I am trying to display the client notes in the quote and invoice view (not the pdfs) but can’t get to them.
If I print $invoice for example in the invoice view I can access basically all client information except for the notes unfortunately.

I basically want to display modules/clients/views/partial_notes.php in the quote and invoice view under the clients address. Don’t know how to get to it though.


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Good question.
I only have a basic answer though:
You have to load a relation. I think the user notes are in another model than in the invoice model.

Take a look in 1 of the PR’s or in the release branch, I think I saw it taken care of in 1 of the PR’s

thanks I’ll look into the PRs and otherwise have to finally learn relations I guess :smile: