Import Clients not work (due to wrong file layout)

Hi, it’s my first installation on a subfolder, I’m trying to import clients.csv, my file has all headers and it uses comma delimiter: ‘client_name’,‘client_address_1’,

When I try to import nothing happens, no contacts are imported, no error messages, I get 0 imported contacts in the operation summary.

Any suggestion?

InvoicePlane v. 1.5.11 / php 7.4

Press ctrl+shift+i in your Google Chrome. Then do the import. Let’s see if the Chrome console tab shows you something.

If not… try it on the demo.
Reduce your import file to 1 single line and go to and try to import.

Once I got a time I have solved my issue…=)
I simply added one more “space” character in the last header, thats why customer import doesn’t worked for me…

for this reason, I hope it will help to others I will share a sample csv file for customer import in invoice plane

I have shared it in my website, since your forum doesn’t allow .csv file uploading (because of the low trust level)
here is a link clients.csv sample download


I had to edit your solution just a little since you posted a link to your own site.

I kept the link to your csv file, so people can check the example.

Glad you found your own solution

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