Aerial theme design

Hello there :grinning:

I’ve been working lately on a theme for InvoicePlane. I really enjoy the simplicity of the platform, but I find tables too large, and text too small. I reckon overall design of the default theme is better for small screens / laptops than big screens.

So, here is my work in progress for these theme. It’s in french but everything’s basically on the same spot.

Let me know what you think of this first overview ! :ok_hand:


Man! That looks so awesome! Can we add it to the next release (or in the themes repository) featuring this theme?
Are you saving your creation on github?

Yup, looks nice!
Are all parts of the Application designed or just these two views?
And are there any differences when it comes to libraries?
Still Bootstrap 3? or 4? or even 5?

Hey guys, thanks for feedback.

All parts of the application is designed, I just need to polish a few things like pop ups. This is pure css, no extra library involved, just a custom font and small logo and yes you obviously can include it to the next release on anything you want. When I’m done with this one, I also want to make a dark mode of it.

Css is a bit quirky sometimes cause I need to rearrange things sometimes but my main issue on this, is the tab titles included in the sidebar (Invoices, clients, quotes…), these are added through the css because there are only icons that comes with the original template sidebar. Would it be possible to included these titles in a future version ?

Hey everyone :wave: !

I did some updates on the theme and I wanted to make a wonderful package to place into the IP theme folder. But I’m not gonna lie, it’s cranky and I probably break some rules listed in the “Development Information for Themes”. So if anyone could help me to make it more “corporate” it really would be appreciated.

About the CSS, it probably have bugs. I didn’t try out all features on Invoiceplane so expect weird or missing stuff at some point.

Let’s say it’s experimental for now, so go on at your own risk.

Here is the folder for the current version, to place in the “assets” folder.

Any feedback is more than welcome obsviously :grinning: !

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There seems to be a error with the file? Could you upload it again? :slight_smile:

Should be ok now !

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Small issue billede_2021-04-22_112450

Hi, the file was deleted… any chance of uploading again? :slight_smile:

link is broken. can somebody share please

Oh I see, the left side bar should be enable for the menu to work and the bar displayed well.
You must activate it on the settings page.

Didn’t find any solution yet. If anyone knows how to include this parameter in any way, please tell me.

New link to download the theme (available 30 days, I have to use another way to upload) :

Please read :

  1. To make it work properly, choose “No” for “Disable sidebar” in the settings panel (better to do it before adding the theme)

  2. For non-english speaking users, in the “css” folder, open with a text editor “style.css” file.
    On lines 11048 to 11054 or by searching “.sidebar .fa-users:after {content:“Clients”;}” replace titles of pages of your own language for these 7 lines. Save. Now you can upload the theme to your InvoicePlane.