Quote copy doesn't work

Tried to copy a quote to new one, when click Options->copy quote the submit nothing happens.

Error in the log:
Severity: Warning → count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable /var/…/invoiceplane/application/modules/quotes/models/Mdl_quotes.php 222

“version”: “1.5.11”,
PHP 7.3.27

@sinitcom what you are doing is topic hijacking. Don’t do that

please clarify, is there already similar topic? if so which one

Well… tjere was a similar topic 4 years ago.
When you’re posting to a very, very old topic it is called necroposting.
I understand that you posted there as well, but in other situations don’t post in topics that are older than 3 months.
I’ve archived that topic, so you can be helped in this topic.

The error that you are getting is a typical error that comes with PHP 7.3.
I thought we fixed them all with 1.5.11, but maybe we missed one.

I’m asking @M4rt1n to take a look at it

I will have a look at this the next days :slight_smile: