Wrong link in the documentation

At the bottom of this page Update InvoicePlane - InvoicePlane Wiki
the link for this forum don’t work: If you encounter any problems please post a support request in the communtiy forums.

I was welling to correct it via Github, but I’m unable to find the global.footernotice

I was welling to open an issue on github, but this is not allowed.

Thanks, I’ll fix it this weekend

@jodumont I’ve looked at github and found a couple of things:

So first… thanks for noticing the error. Yes, the best place to fix it is in the github repository through a pull-request.

Now. If you want to find global.footernotice. It’s in /resources/lang/en/ and there’s a file called global.php
(with the translations).

Unfortunately… there it’s already fixed.

So now we need to fix it on the website itself and either I can do that or one of my colleague-maintainers can do that.
I’ll let you know which one it will be.

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Sorry I will implement a way to pull and autodeploy for each Application from GitHub so we at least have a semi automated way to apply changes to the actually publuished websites.