New type of report

Version 1.5.11

at first thank you for great applicaiton.

Currently i have and problems with creation of new report type. I have allready created new invoice status: purchase (invoice_status_id = 5) and everythink works as i want. Now i want to create new type of REPORT exactly the same as allread exist with the name “Payment History” - there are showing all “paid” invoices so I guess they are here based on their status which in this case is: “invoice_status_id = 4”, new report what I want to be is " Purchase History" with all same conditions as “Payment Histry” but only shows invoices with status purchase - invoice_status_id = 5. Please is there someone who can help me ? This is really important at this time for me. Thanks in advance.

This application does not bring this function out of the box, also I did not understand why you want this?

This project is a free and open source software project (FOSS) and therefore you can just add your code to the codebase with a PullRequest, which gets reviewed and then accepted or denied.

Yes i know there isnt that functionalition, just asking if someone know best way, how to do this. I think who knows source code better than me really know, what exactly is neccesary to be changed for that type of report, i dont want “out of box” module but i am asking for a help, know how, what where etc…
Why i want this ? I use invoiceplane also for archiving incoming invoices from my suppliers and i am archiving original receipts. My accountant has access to IP and use reports for yearly total printing. It can safe a lot of time for me and i prefer (and it also acceptable in my country) to have all receipts scanned.

Yes sure, if i successful create that type of export, i will share my code to the codebase with a Pull Request.