Main CSS where? Searching for " .navbar-inverse " to change colour

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I am new and was searching but found nothing, also not in the instructions. I am simply searching for the main “style.css” in which I can find the “.navbar-inverse” to change the colour of the header… But I found douzends of CSS and I have totally no idea for what all these different CSS are working for… none of them has a " .navbar-inverse "

Someone an idea?

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navbar-inverse is a standard CSS class in the bootstrap Css.
If I were you I would create a css file called custom.css, place it in the correct directory and then place your color in there.

This way you are overriding your css with your custom settings

Thanks for the idea, but I even don´t find a bootstrap.css… Normally CSS is hidden in “Assets” but not in this script… So I did it manually in the PHP because I didn´t find any folder-tree. The CSS in assets/core is empty.

is there any folder tree where I can find where I can find where the CSS´s are hidden?

For re-programming the php (because updates) I have no problem because I save all the files and after an update, I will simply re-add it. (Changing many things in the design but because I don´t find templates I´m changing the php´s)…

LG Hansy

Ok found something in “assets/invoiceplan/style.css” but it´s very irritating because nobody it looks like changing only the invoice-design. Maybe an idea for the future: Just make an “assets/CSS” :slight_smile:

But I like the script very much so I will spent my time haha :slight_smile:
LG Hansy

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