ANY HELP? anyone on here?

is there anyone helping out on this forum anymore?

there is a serious issue with recurring invoices and it making drafts

the best feature is a dud. why?

So the serious issue is…
The link to the topic with the serious issue is…
It has been reported by (list of users, maybe)
And it has been posted in the … slack channel (?)

i have made posts about it…

it was working, then it made drafts… now it worked again after a few days… makes no sense

no changes made

Glad it works again
I’m going to close the topic then

IT DOES NOT WORK. i just explained the issue is unclear why it makes drafts??

why is recurring invoice making drafts??

You clearly said that it was working and then not anymore.
I can assure you that InvoicePlane in the meantime did not change by itself. As sending Mails depends on external tools/devices/hardware we can not tell you why your setup one time can send mails and then some time later can not send it anymore, please search for a bug in your mailing system or your mailing vendor.