How to implement an automatic update function?

Easy question. I would like to implement an option to update the app from the settings.

Edit 2018-02-10
In the recent user survey the users reported that updates are a huge pain point. I can understand this as updaters like the Wordpress one, or Nextcloud, are much easier to use.
Update available? > Click here! > Updater downloads update, extracts it, replaces core files and runs the DB updates.

The big question is how to implement this into the current InvoicePlane system. Normal implementation is not a big deal and I already have some ideas but the backwards compatibility is becoming an headache.

Would that really matter that much?
I’d updated other software and, just to make sure I have something to fall back to in case the update doesn’t work out as hoped, I created a full backup (DB dump and folders and files). I’d done this with large shopping carts.
Worst kind scenario, just replace the update with your backup and you’re back in business, again, until the update works flawlessly.
I know it’s not what you envisage, but until you’re 100% confident, …in any case, a full backup never hurts, even periodically and without an update being preformed.
Just MO

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