InvoicePlane V1.5.11and PHP 7.4

I just upgraded to PHP 7.4 and I have the same problem reported in this topic “Ver 1.5.10 and PHP 7.4”. However I have the latest version of Invoiceplan 1.5.11 which is said to be compatible normally with this version of PHP. Other information, this does not do for all tabs. I have this problem when I select the dashboard, payments, products and system settings while for quotes, invoices and customers I do not have this problem.
Any idea of this problem?
Maybe this comes from the preactivate options of PHP 7.4 version? view the photo.
Thank you for your response


sqlite3 is not needed for InvoicePlane as you see here: Requirements
Can you please on the right top here:

disable it and try again?

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Thanks it works :smiley:
I have checked my other sites on the same server and apparently it does not use sqlite3.

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