WooCommerce & InvoicePlane Integration


This is not a feature request, but it’s already a solved need (I hope I’m writing in the right section).

I’ve developed a new plugin for WooCommerce: When a new order is made on WooCommerce, it will generate a new invoice on InvoicePlane.

Also the customer information are sent to InvoicePlane: If all user information match, it will get that customer, otherwise a new customer will be created and linked to the invoice.

I really hope it would be a very good feature for you.

Here is the link: YPS - Your InvoicePlane & WooCommerce Integration - Your Plugins

Yes, definitely👍
Would you mind joining our slack chat? Maybe you want to help out with our development?


I’ve developed a webservice in order to let my plugin works.

Are you interested in this piece of code? How could send you?

Don’t know if it fits your need, but:

  • It creates a new invoice
  • It add or update a customer

Don’t know if I have time to help you in development (I’m sure I don’t), but I think sometimes I need to make some changes which I can share with you