Custom field values

I seem to have a weird issue. When saving one custom field, the others are also (but only sometimes) changed. For example I have in my customer over view the following custom fields:

  • first name > text
  • last name > text
  • 3 boolean fields

When I change and save one of the booleans, first name is emptied. When I then fill and save first name again, last name is empty… this again and again. After a while all fields are as they are supposed to be, but as you can imagine this is very annoying.

Is this a known issue and something I can fix?

I noticed some of my clients didn’t have all the custom fields set in the database which is logical since I have created some of the fields long after these clients were created. I wrote a script inserting an entry for each of the custom fields with the value set to null for each client. I have since create 2 clients and changed 1 and have not come across this issue. Could the missing entries cause this or might this just be a coincidence?