Future upgrading with customisation?

If you have done customisation on invoiceplane. How does the upgrade procedure work ? Do you have to rebuild al the customized files again when you upgrade ?

It depends which files you changed. Most files need a rework after upgrading.

I made a copy of green.php to make a custom invoice PDF.?
Also i want to make a custom TEXT baset imput field in the invoice.
So far i can see this is not possable at the moment without changing it manualy ?

If you copied templates and edited Thema they will be not overwritten. But Marke sure not to replace the whole folder…

Thnx for the tip.
Als about the TEXT field i made a custom field and put it in the invoice.
Only its a input field and not a text field. is there a way tochange this without scripting to much ?

You can try it, it should not be that hard.
It wasn’t changed yet because we wanted to implement the option to implement different custom field options.

Should be a nice addon to the product

i think we should not lose any of the custom work i think it should make a log comparing the files that where customize and asking if you want the change… Can that be done @Kovah ?and if it cant be done can you give alternatives to try to keep our custom work and not losing it and having to do everything again…

So the thing is: with every version there is an explicit log via the versioning system of which files was changed and which lines were altered.
This means: if you change files you just have to look up these files. If you want to make sure that no changes will be lost I would recommend using Git (the versioning system).
But we will not implement a custom solution.

For the template, I suggest to have our own file name instead of modifying the original one. I think it can help to avoid the overwritten issue when upgrade.

By the way, is there any document about the file structure of whole IP?

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