The loop installation

Hello !

First of all, thank you for your time.

I took a cloud on OVH, the creation of the database as well as the copy of invoiceplane happens without next.

The installation goes smoothly, once the installation is finished, i can connect with the logs i have chosen.

But once I decide to disable the installation by modifying the ipconfig.php

“DISABLE_SETUP=false” I replace with “DISABLE_SETUP=true”.

After that, I reconnect to my site and I’m stuck on a loop installation.

I tried version 1.5.11 - 1.5.10 - 1.5.9.

I followed the Wiki for the installation, there is really that when i place the command in “true” that is does not work any more.

Thank you in advance.

Is (in ipconfig.php) the last line:

or not?

It was missing in ipconfig.php, it works now !

Thanks a lot, I should have thought of that !

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