Can't log in to phpMyAdmin

Hi everybody. :slight_smile:

Yesterday I’ve set InvoicePlane v1.5.11, I’ve managed good so far in setting up the configuration, but with one problem:
I can’t access phpMyAdmin. I can not log in.

Error that I’m getting is
mysqli_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user ‘username’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES).

It is Cpanel login attempt, but it doesn’t matter, I’ve tried with phpMyAdmin login form too.

On all my other Cpanel accounts (mostly Wordpress installations) I can access phpMyAdmin, so I suppose this error is InvoicePlane related.

I do not know about any DB-related issues.

Also are you logging in with the same user & password as from all other cPanel accounts?
Please doublecheck if you have set up the credential correct.

Well, I’m talking about cPanel accounts on other hosting packages, I have several of them. This one is only one (on the same server) that has system other than Wordpress installed.
On all the other accounts, cPanel opens phpMyAdmin directly, on this one cPanel opens login dialog with notification about login error.

But then it must be something related to your Serverconfiguration, not InvoicePlane

OK, sorry, that was my first idea, but when I thik further about that I also can’t see much logic in it.
I’ve contacted my server support, I’ll post the reply here when they deal with it.

I received a reply.
There were an error in passwords synchronisation between cPanel and phpMyAdmin.
Everything is fine now.
Sorry for the distraction. :slight_smile:

InvoicePlane is excellent program. :slight_smile:

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