404 Error - even with .htaccess file

I have a trubles with installing the InvoicePlane. I installed the files in subdom, and placed there the .htaccess file. The webpage is on HTTPS, but the error 404 occurs.

Can somebody help me, please?

404 stands for “file not found”. So you most probably have set up something wrong at your end.

As you have not provided a log its hard to tell anything about this. But please check your server configs and make sure the domain is getting mapped into the right rootfolder.

I have set up everything by the manual.
My web hosting has wierd folder system, but i’ll explain.
www -> domains - here is web “domain.com” and “invoice.domain.com
-> subdom - here can be subdoms, but they can be placed in “domains” folder
The default .thaccess file is in “www” - this can’t be edited, it causes errors. So the “invoice” . htaccess is in the folder (subdom in “domains”) with the files of InvoicePlane.

Latest log here:

<?php defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed'); ?>

ERROR - 2020-12-06 01:34:44 --> 404 Page Not Found: /index

I really do not understand what you tried to explain…

I tried to explain how the folders at my hosting work. I also added the log.
Everything is set up by the manual, so I don’t know, where the problem is.