Progresiv Web APP?

Is it possible to turn the Invoiceplane in PWA ?

No its not possible and also not wanted. A PWA can be used offline but as InvoicePlane relys on onlinefunction like Email-Senduíng/SMTP etc etc it will should never be implemented as it would break core-functionallity

Hi @xniti3x, welcome to the club.

Try to figure out what you want out of the PWA. Everyone throws around the term these days, but figure out what it means for you.
Mobile app? Mobile app that you can use without internet connection? (PWA, that’s the progressive part)

For now I would use InvoicePlane on my mobile phone, that way you can still use it mobile-ly (if that’s a word) and you don’t need the hassle of making a special ‘app’ for it.