While doing some modification in code i found that screen get cached and dont update after refresh or reload

I don’t know if I missed any setting to set it of while developing.
I am facing issues that if I make changes in any HTML page and do refresh it doesn’t show updated text.
To see the changes I am going to some other page doing a hard reload and coming back then only my changes are reflecting.
Please help

When “Hard Reload” helps it have to be a Clienterror.
Because it just bypasses your LOCAL Cache, it does not change anything serverside.
It would be the case that you have changed anything on the .htaccess so your browser get told that it should be cached.
Or possible a Proxy is Caching it.

But honestly you have not provided any usefull informations so I can not help you

Martin, I am working on freshly installed code in my local machine, no changes made in original htaccess.
To be more precise I am adding a few fields in client form. after adding the fields in form.php (application/modules/clients/views) it not displaying on the screen after refresh to see the added fields i am doing hard reload.
I am using LAMP stack 7.3.24.
let me know if anything else required