How to add custom field in invoice

Hi, everybody, I want to add a custome field for GST(Goods & Service Tax) Number just below my business address. So that every invoice I create will have my GST number by default. Can anyone help me on that?. I would remind you I am not a person with php knowledge.

thank you.
Mahesh Palamuttath
Kerala, India

Hi @Mahesh_Palamuttath

Here are the resources needed to customize Invoice templates:

  1. You can find the built-in templates under application/views/invoice_templates
  2. You can find examples for customizations in the user guide
  3. Let’s say your custom field is called ‘GST’, try this PHP code snippet as an addition to the invoice template file:
                        <?php if ($custom_fields['user']['GST']) {
                            echo htmlsc($custom_fields['user']['GST']) . '<br>';
                        } ?>
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I want to display GST: 123456, when I added the code It only displays the number. I need prefix as GST: