Invoice plane, logs out bug

Is it only me, but the last few version InvoicePlane keeps logging out.
If you want to create, send, or whatever. Invoice plane suddenly decides to log you out and you can start all over again.

I thought it was the PHP version, but I changed that aswell. Also have the latest version installed.

Most probably you are using some kind of reverse-Proxy. If you do, (like CloudFlare) please set your server up in a way so he knows the real visitor IPs.

Its all about visitor IPs in the used CodeIgniter versions

Hi Martin,

Yes I’m using Cloudflare for many years. So on our dedicated server I have to setup or install something? I’m using Directadmin as control panel. Would be ssooooooo awesome if this enoying thing could be fixed :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply already.

Yes you would have to install mod_cloudflare.
Please have a read here:

CloudFlare - Restoring original visitor IPs

Depending on your setup follow the tutorial which describes it.
But I think you have a normal Apache installation, right?
If you have Nginx, there also is a tutorial for.

… and many more

I’m using openlitespeed.

Moved from Apache to openlitespeed as it’s way faster than apache and our test cast on ngnix

I added: $config['sess_match_ip'] = FALSE; to the application/config/config.php file and this seems to solve the issue.

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changed this line from true to false in

$config[‘sess_match_ip’] = env(‘SESS_MATCH_IP’, false);

I will see if it solves the problem, thanks for the tip @driesdk

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It seems that that line, is working!

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