1.5.11 upgrade - Error: Required PHP extension not found : mcrypt

I am attempting to update from version 1.5.10 to 1.5.11 and am getting the error: Required PHP extension not found : mcrypt
I am on PHP version 7.4. I looked and it seems that 7.4 does not use the mcrypt option. Any suggestions?

I was also going to install the update manually but when I went into the WIKI the last version is 1.5.2. Not sure if the instructions are still valid. If someone can confirm that would be much appreciated.


lower your php version to 7.3 or even 7.2

Like @Tyas_Lambrechts said. You could downgrade to a PHP version lower then 7.4
Or you install OpenSSL as this is the alternative which gets used in PHP 7.4
Anyway OpenSSL is more secure as mcrpt.

We may should rewrite the Docs/Wiki so it states more clearly that you IP requires mcrypt OR openssl

For me everything is working perfectly find on PHP 7.4, also ALL official sites are hosted on PHP 7.4.
Just make sure PHP 7.4 comes with openssl.
If not, it can be compiled with --with-openssl[=DIR]