Printing Invoice on Thermal Printer


  • May I know how I can create a invoice template to print on a 80mm thermal receipt printer?
  • I dont see the print invoice button on the invoice page, except through the PDF. is this by design?
  • I couldnt see the print setup under settings.

Appreciate any help.


When you use invoicePlane, PHP code run on a distant server. So printing would be made on a printer attached to this server.

So :

Server side
PHP code generates a PDF file that is sent to your browser

Client side (your browser)
You display this PDF file either in your browser, either via utility like AcrobatReader. Now, you can print it ([ctrl] P) to any printer connected to YOUR computer using you OS driver which is on charge of the rendering on paper.

Labelling printers come generaly with proprietary applications which doesn’t use a driver (direct printing) but you can install one.

With invoicePlane Core modifications (bad practice), you can add a javaScript code to the PDF file that will automatically print the PDF file at opening. I experienced that on PrestaShop script : it works very well.