Expenses Module - Report Error

Hi, @Martin_Anonym. I have added the expenses module to my IP. WOW does this have a lot of bugs!!!
Well, long story short I managed to get the Expenses Module to work. With some added features. Now you can add the quite number to the expenses and from there edit the quote if need be. BUT

for some reason, I cannot get the Yearly Report to work. this is the error message

Now I have Google for a couple of days now and could not find any help. hope someone can help me here.

Error Log shows the same error message. I have IP1.5.11

Hi All, ok after a long and hard look around I found a solution to this error message.

in Mdl_reports.php around line 745, I added this
$this->db->group_by(‘YEAR(ip_expenses.expense_date), ip_clients.client_id’);
and that solved the problem :grinning:

so now the expenses module is working correctly :+1:

the developer of the expenses module was on the right path, it just looks like he did not get the time to test and finish his work.