Invoiceplane Intergation with Whatsapp

Hi, Does anybody know a way to integrate WhatsApp to invoice plane? example to have the option to send the invoice or quote via WhatsApp to the client?

the interface is responsive, usually when logging in with mobile phone, you could just copy and paste the guest url for that.

you could also edit the web template to add certain sharing options or change the template to your individual needs.

@carstengrimm, thanks for your reply in regards to this, I have been working on this it’s not exactly what I wanted but it will do for now.

ip_lang.php added this

‘send_whatsapp’ => ‘Send WhatsApp’,
‘whatsapp_pre_text’ => ‘’,
‘whatsapp_post_text’ => '&text=Please your quote from Budget Group Projects at the following url ',

then in application/modules/quotes/views/views.php around line 186 I added this

             <!--WhatsappQuote Begins-->
                <a href="<?php _trans('whatsapp_pre_text'); ?><?php _htmlsc($quote->client_phone); ?><?php _trans('whatsapp_post_text'); ?><?php echo site_url('guest/view/quote/' . $quote->quote_url_key); ?>" target="_blank">
                    <!--<i class="fa fa-send fa-margin"></i>-->
                    <i class="fa fa-whatsapp fa-margin"></i>
                    <?php _trans('send_whatsapp'); ?>
            <!--WhatsappQuote Ends-->

now this is not exactly what I wanted but it is doing the job for now, till I get it working perfectly.

it sends the link but its not clickable as yet, I would if liked to attach the pdf quote to the WhatsApp with the URL. but not at this stage :pensive:

i’m not sure if whatsapp let’s you attach PDF via a link.

within the template files you could of course add custom functions to hack it your way?
within the Web View Template, maybe you could add another GET request to not display the invoice but to inline output the PDF?

Whereas when accessing a custom GET command e.g.

would load your custom code…