Contributing to the code base

Hi everyone.

First off, great package! This package was at the core of my last job. I wrote many customizations for it over the years.

I was going thru the forums, and I see a lot of the feature requests are some features that I may have already implemented, like search and reports, but it seems that that the ticketing system is down.

I’d like to see if I could contribute. Is there a source of open issues or feature requests that have been approved for work or can just submit a pull request?


@343guiltyspark, you can create a branch or fork from this
you can post what you did and what you have changed then the user can look at it and use it on his or her side.

just a question have you worked any deposit snippets, example if create a quote that it’s just below discount where you can add the deposit percentage and it calculates the amount from subtotal?