Renaming 'Stripe' to Credit/Card Powered by Stripe'

Hey Guys

I have been searching the language code for the entry for the word ‘Stripe’ and cannot seem to find it. The reason:
On the link that is sent to the client for showing an invoice that is due for payment, it takes the word ‘Stripe’ as a payment method instead of ‘Debit/Credit Card’ as I named it in payment methods. Which file do I need to edit so that shows MY description (as it is shown to me as a payment method) instead of showing the VENDOR as a payment gateway as the menthod of Payment?

Thanks in advance.


Anyone any ideas on this? I have now provided a link to the screenshot to show where I want it changing… All I want to do is to be able to rename the word 'Stripe on the payment method in the client’s view to ‘By Credit/Debit Card via Stripe’

Hello, have you checked in ./application/language/LANGUAGE_NAME/merchang_lang.php ?

This seems to contain references to the merchant name.

Hi, Thanks for your reply. Sadly, there is no ‘merchang_lang.php’. There is ‘gateway_lang.php’ but there is no reference to the word ‘Stripe’…


See screenshot here: