How to add New IP Theme

Hi everyone,
i want to add this Theme to IP
any Idea or is there any instructions to link something like that to IP 1.5.X ?

Thank you all


yes, if you are using v1.5.11 look under assets here you will see invoiceplane and invoiceplane_blue add your theme here example name it invoiceplane_dark.

then you will see it under the settings theme select and apply. hope this helps

That’s the Problem I’m not able to see even the invoicepland or the _blue
I don’t know why is that by me

ok please advise on what version your using

The version that I’m using is 1.5.11

@mohamad-hejazi07, sorry for the late reply, got stuck in work, big project.

ok in your domain where IP has installed you, you should see and a folder called assets see the screenshot of the directory
in the folder, you will see 3 folders core, invoiceplane and invoiceplane_blue
3folders in assets

they are the themes that will be showing in your IP installation. all you need to do is let say copy invoiceplane_blue and rename the folder example invoiceplane_dark. rename the theme file accordingly as well, then change the CSS files in folder CSS and sass to your themes colour scheme

that should do the trick