Setup loop after upgrade [SOLVED]

Been running IP v1.5.9 for some time now on and decided to upgrade to 1.5.11
I overwritten the files as suggested and run the setup to upgrade the DB which seemed to go OK however when trying to access IP I keep getting redirected to the welcome page saying:
Please install Invoiceplane
[ Setup ] [ Get Help ]

I made sure ipconfig.php was writable and re-run the setup but still the same welcome page.

Any suggestions?

Server: Debian Linux
PHP v7.3


I’ve sorted it.

This appears twice in ipconfig.php so I removed one of them:

# Set to true after the initial setup 

that was obviously a mistake on my part and it needs to be in there twice!

To clear this out. It does NOT appear twice.


They are different.
Please after updating also set DISABLE_SETUP to true so noone can run the setup again.

apologies @M4rt1n that is correct.
Both are back where they should be and all is working as expected.

Thank you for your work on the project.

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